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The eSeoul is a rare addition to the online news service providers based in Seoul, Korea. Our mission is to offer both syndicated and non-syndicated news and information gathered by our writers and contributors, along with the capability of our online technology.

We are aware that the advances of information technology and the emergence of information media mix have annihilated the traditional media. Most of the news and information provided by syndicated media have, therefore, become an addition to the information glut.

The eSeoul confronts the challenges of the era by aiming to provide rare, quality, and first-hand information to our subscribers. Our contributors have extensive professional experiences with rich and profound knowledge on local, national, and international issues as well as various issues in business, travel, diplomacy, health and science, communications and technology, and other areas of relevant interest. We endeavor to continue collaborating with our staff to come up with competitive edge in providing un-syndicated news. We believe that while technology continues to accelerate at an unprecedented pace and keeps up in altering the media landscape, we strive to uphold journalism excellence by supporting and encouraging investigative and enterprising journalism.

Kah Jae-mo

Publisher Profile

Publisher, The e-Seoul
Auditor General, KTRD
President/CEO, Global Korea Co., Ltd.
Hongseong High School, 1966
Dankook University, 1975
Yonsei University, 1982
Master Degree for Public Administration
National University of Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 2003
Honorary Doctor Degree of Economy
National Oriental University of Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 2003
Honorary Doctor Degree of Management from


1993-1994: Managing Director, Changwon Telephone Office, Korea Telecom(KT)
1994- 1996.: Managing Director of International Business Department, KT
1996 - 1998: Managing Director of International Cooperation Department, KT
1998: Vice President of Toll and International Communications Marketing Team, KT (Executive Member)
1998 - 2002: Senior Vice President of Global Business Center, KT (Executive Member)
2002 - 2003: Senior Vice President of Chungbuk Regional Business Group (Executive Member)
2003 - Management Advisor of KT
2003 - present: International Representative for Chungbuk-do Province
2004.- present: Honorary International Commissioner of Chungnam-do Province
2003.- present: Board Member of Mongolia Cultural Center and Mongolia International School in Korea
2003. - present: President/CEO of Global Korea Co., Ltd.
2006- 2008: President/CEO of Mongolia Great Link Co., Ltd.
2006-2008: Standing Senior Adviser of Winnerstel /Alzza Tour Co., Ltd
2007- present: Auditor General of KNRD(currently CURD)
2007- 2009: Honorary Representative of Mongolia Tourism Information Center to Korea licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Mongolia(original Certificate from Ministry of Road, Transport and Tourism)
2007-present: Representative of Korean Branch Office, Mongolia National Technology Development Center for Small & Medium Enterprises
2009-present: Finance Director of Nationality Love Movement Headquarters and Administration Director of Korea Global Leadership Academy
2009-present: Publisher of The e-Seoul


Letter of Commendation for Exemplary Government Official by Korean Government, 1979
Letter of Commendation by National President, Kim Dae-Jung, 2002
Literary Work: Prospect of Value Added Network Development, 1992
Competitive Strategy for Information and Communications, 1993
Thesis: Management Structures of Telecommunications and Long Range Development Strategies


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